Frequently Asked Questions


Who will show me how to best use my system ?

Our Lead Technician will show you how to use all the features right in your home. Ideally this is on completion, so its best if you can be available. If not your Technology Advisor can visit when your time permits.


How do I get support ?

Just call, during normal business hours our tech support team is ready to help. After hours you can get support for Alarm and Critical systems by calling and following the emergency contact option. You will be transfer to a live operator who will contact our On call Emergency Tech. (Note this is for alarm and critical issues and additional charges may apply) 


Who will be doing the work in my home ?

Only our direct trained employees who have gone through background checks and subject drug testing at any time. 


What is your relationship manufacturers ?

In most cases we are direct direct dealers, which means we get priority support, training and can offer you full warranty protection.   


Are You Licensed ?

Yes, Bri-Tech has a NY State Fire and Security License and Master Electrician Licenses 


How Long Have You Been in Business ?

Bri-Tech has been in business since 1991 servicing Long Island's leading corporations and new statement homes. Our new Electronic Outfitters division was started in 2020 to service existing homes as we felt new wireless soultions fit our performance and reliability standards.