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5 Upgrades to Your Home Security Beyond Adding Cameras

Adding cameras are good but if your not watching them they can’t protect you. They are best for seeing what happened and to aid police. Consider these upgrades to protect what matters most.

1. Connected Security | System controlled remotely by your smart phone, and integration with home automation, including control of lights, thermostats and viewing of cameras all from one app. When done properly, this can give you great peace of mind.

2. Remote Garage Door Control | our automation clients really like this feature - The garage door control can be put on a system so a smart phone control the give someone access remotely. A camera in the garage view-able from the same phone is helpful too. We typically partition the home security system so the garage is accessible without triggering the alarm, which is convenient if you are allowing others to have your code, such as landscapers and contractors.

3. Life Safety | smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are connected to the system and monitored by a central station are of the utmost importance. Next is personal security: Securing entry points keeps intruders out and protects homeowners. Finally, a radio connection allows the alarm to communicate with the central station you don’t need a phone line.

4. Low temperature and Water Lead Detection | water damage from frozen pipes and water leaks cause the most damage to homes. Low temp sensor give you early warning, especially if you spent days away form your home during winter months. Leak sensors under your boiler, washing machine and other water holding equipment is something we have added to many homes. Additionally a automatic valve can be added to turn off your water main if a leak or low temp is detected.

5. Key-less Locks | keypad based locks are more than the convenience of not carrying a key. They can be controlled by the system or your phone. Checking your locks while away from home or in bed is as easy as opening the app. This also allows you to open the door remotely.

Call us to schedule a Technology Advisor visit to your home to show you devices and discuss what is possible. We can take over your existing alarm, and use the wiring to save on installation cost. You can also schedule visit our showroom and see the systems in action. 631-563-8000

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