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Bandwidth Stuck in the Box

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Verizon, Cablevision and other providers are offering amazing speeds, but many of us have old network and Wi-Fi hardware limiting the benefit. I have seen this first hand while having the extended family over. Everyone jumps on the old Wi-Fi, causing the streaming music to be interrupted. With everybody and soon everything being connected, the quality of service will diminish. The time is now to upgrade your router and Wi-Fi. New routers allow for multiple service providers for those who want that level of redundancy, and they also have improved security and we can administer them remotely. The latest standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac is designed to get high bandwidth to your mobile devices, making video streaming seamless. The latest tech works on new frequencies and requires new WAPs (wireless access points), which may need relocation or additional units. Our Technology Advisory will perform network test for you and make recommendations to get speed you are paying for.

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