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Basement Conversion to Home Theater

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We have done so many of these, they are amazing transformations. Guest's mouths drop when they see what you have done. The project below was a low ceiling space that had existing Sheetrock walls. We worked with the homeowner to create a great basement home theater and family gaming space.

Take a look at the before pictures.

This is what we had to work with!

This was the old cabinet wall where the screen is now, notice the floor changes height under the cabinets, this was cement and instead of costly removeal we used this to create a stage feel.

There was space at the lower landing before you enter the room that became a refreshment area.

Stairs going done to the theater.

The look is great and we so appreciate an involved artistic homeowner.

Technically we added an Integra Surround Sound Receiver