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Blinded by the Light

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Long Islanders love the sun but direct rays even through new treated windows ruins furnishings and heats up conditioned spaces. Getting the right amount of light is best accomplished with blinds that have adjustable tilt and can be opened. This home on Long Island’s South shore was designed to let the sun in with many large windows. Early on the client new they needed a way to control all that light. Out designers specified Lutron horizontal wood blinds, and specified detail to the builder to build the head boxes over the windows. So when the blinds were up the full window was viewable. Automatic roller shades were added to doors. Windows in the media room wall also have roller shades behind to give a further reduction in light.

All are tied into the Symbiant Automation system which allows the client to control with TV remote, smart phone, wall keypad, iPad or Touch Panel. Simply pressing [AWAY} lowers all shades, turns off lights, music, TV, sets back the thermostats 5 degrees and arms the security system!

Lighting design goes beyond fixture and control, creating the perfect space with technology is what we do. Light is important, its how we see. Call us for advice on you home light and shades.

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