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Long Live the Loudspeaker

Years ago (60's and 70's) when listening to music in the living room was a thing, many families had a pair of quality floor standing loudspeakers. These full range mammoths have been all but lost, save the audiophile commune. The fact is that even a 20 year old set of these dinosaurs would impress the socks off of today's new generation of music lovers. Rich solid bass and detailed highs with mid ranges that can make a tom-tom drum compete with your heartbeat.

Headphones are the rage, they move your ears, loudspeakers move your body. Sure, a good set of bookshelves and a sub-woofer will make a good effort but it's near impossible to get the bass balance the way a well design loudspeaker does. And when there is a house-full or your alone with a pair of white socks and your favorite tune, you can shake the place such that neighbors want an invite!

The best of these are pieces of art and handed down or listed in wills (a true enthusiast waits till the end). It is one of the few electronics components that can last a decade or more. We don't list many on our site but have them in the showroom for the curious, come and feel the music.

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