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Security Camera Crazy

They are everywhere and more are coming. Beside one being in everyone's hand (cell phone) New cameras can do more than capture an image. Facial recognition, ability to tell if a person is wearing a mask, motion capture, loitering, people count and more. This data collection is unprecedented, along with on line searches and digital payment records gives marketers and others amazing resolution into our daily lives. We all know this but have accepted the intrusion for the perceived safety and convenience of having our images on demand and web forms auto-filled in.

We sell camera systems of all types but prefer to specify those where the information collected is behind a fire wall and on servers you own. After all if is is your property we are protecting it is you, and those you care for that will be in most of the images. We think sharing all your image data with a remote service is unnecessary and somewhat risky since you can access your own data as easily. The only difference is a larger up front cost, is your home privacy worth it?

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