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Upgrade Your Home Tech without Replacing Everything

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Our staff added this Sonos Sound Bar to the client's existing TV, in the process we relocated some components to a storage closet. A wireless sub-woofer was added as well as speakers in kitchen and patio, all with smart phone control. This was a one-day upgrade and the client even invited friends over that night to enjoy the new sound systems.

Music is so important to many of us and having a good system really makes home life more enjoyable. This upgrade was not expensive and will provide years of enjoyment. The install included running wires in the attic, cutting ceilings and eves, all done by our staff with care for the home. The sound bar and sub-woofer can play music, or the TV sound and the TV sound can also be sent to the kitchen and patio speakers. Our staff loaded the app on the client’s phone and showed them all the features.

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