Inspirence Digital Image and Video Driver

Inspirence Digital Image and Video Driver


Use your TV to view photos and family videos. This device will play continuously with very little power consumption, instead of turning your TV off and having a black rectangle in your room, switch to this driver which simply plugs into a HDMI jack. Insert USB memory stick with your (.mov .mp4 .avi) video files and they will play over and over till you turn off power. 


Make a video or image movie with iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Power Point, and export in one of the following formats(.mov .mp4 .avi) plug the drive into the driver and it will start. If power goes off it will restart automatically. This is a home version of our professional digital signage driver which was designed for museum displays and commercial applications. Turns out its ideal for families who like to show their photos and videos. The device is small enough to tuck behind a TV.


Comes with power supply.