Pakedge RT-3100 Gigabit 1 WAN 4 LAN Router with BakPak

Pakedge RT-3100 Gigabit 1 WAN 4 LAN Router with BakPak

RT-3100 Gigabit Router with BakPak is the latest addition to the Pakedge line, giving you a go-to, high-performance router perfect for the medium to large jobs. The RT-3100 delivers gigabit WAN-to-LAN throughput for fast, reliable performance customers require. The RT-3100 also has BakPak remote management built in, enabling dealers to proactively manage and monitor their customer's network and connected devices such as automation, lighting, entertainment, and more. Pakedge routers are engineered to handle high-bandwidth multicast audio/video media in commercial and residential environments. Running on high-performance processors, Pakedge routers ensure that anything you throw at it—whether it is high-resolution audio, UHD video, or everything in between—we've got you covered.


*Installation Additional


    High-performance networking starts at the core. Every Pakedge router is built with advanced processors designed specifically to handle high-bandwidth, low-latency multimedia traffic. From single processors to dual-core designs capable of gigabit throughputs, Pakedge routers represent the gold standard in high-performance AV networking


    3-year limited warranty on all Routers, Switches, Wireless, Pakedge Device and Software will repair or replace products that do not perform as specified within 3 years of the date of installation due to a defect in materials, workmanship, or functionality. This warranty covers only repair or replacement of the product itself; it does not cover charges for labor and/or installation of the product.


    Installed by our team of certified technicians, we never subcontract. With exisitng wired working door bell and WI-FI network this installation is less than 1 hour. Our technicans will also set up security to guard against hacking.


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